Wizard Driver Training

Terms & Conditions

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ABN: 70 447 700 910

Available Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5:30pm  Sundays & Public Holidays By Appointment Only

Cancellation of Lessons: Unless prior arrangements have been made, if for some reason you need to cancel a scheduled lesson or change a double lesson to a single, you must provide Wizard Driver Training with at least 24 Hours notice (1 Working Day), or 100% of the full price of the lesson will need to be paid. 

Payments for cancellations must be paid up-front. All cancellation fees must be paid by your driving test day. Cancellations can be made via SMS, contacting Wizard Driver Training or your instructor. Voicemail messages can be left with Wizard Driver Training or your instructor. If you do not receive confirmation of your cancellation you must try again!

​Payment for Services: We ask that all customers make payment prior to the lessons being undertaken.  Cash payments are NOT accepted. 

Payment by personal cheque, money order or business cheque will only be accepted if prior arrangements have been made with Wizard Driver Training.


Changes Made To A Scheduled Lesson:  Any customer needing to change a lesson may do so with 24 hours notice without incurring any charges. Last minute changes may incur a cancellation fee. (See Cancellation of Lessons)

Changes made to Pickup Arrangements: If you require Wizard Driver Training to pick you up from a different location then scheduled, you will need to inform Wizard Driver Training ASAP.  Changes can be made up to 24 hours prior to a scheduled lesson.  Late notice may result in the cancellation of the driving lesson and cancellation fees may apply.

Changes made to Drop off Arrangements: Any changes to an arranged dropped off location, may be requested prior to the commencement of the driving lesson. Arrangements may be made, but will be subject to the instructor’s next pickup location and may require Wizard Driver Training to adjust your driving time so to ensure arriving at the next lesson on time. 

Should a driving lesson be cancelled by Wizard Driver Training, rest assured that Wizard Driver Training will do anything in its power to reschedule your driving lesson ASAP.

Please consider this!
We ask that all customers allow Wizard Driver Training a 30 minute buffer to arrive to any scheduled lesson. Wizard Driver Training aims to arrive on time to every lesson; however our business does experience time delays from its customers, VicRoads, Service Departments, Public Traffic etc. Contact by Wizard Driver Training will be made should your instructor be more than 15 minutes late. In this situation should you be unable to attend the driving lesson, Wizard Driver Training can reschedule your driving lesson.